Pay Dates

Pensioner payrolls are issued on the 15th day and the last day of each month, or the previous Friday if the 15th or last day falls on a weekend or holiday.

Payroll Dates
January 15 and 31 July 12 and 31
February 15 and 29 August 15 and 30
March 15 and 28 September 13 and 27
April 15 and 30 October 15 and 31
May 15 and 31 November 15 and 29
June 14 and 28 December 13 and 31

Change in Address or Banking Information

Has your address or your personal banking information changed? You can sign into myPENSION on this website and complete the change directly. Or if you prefer, you can contact the TPPC and we will update our database. Appropriate forms can be found on our Forms & Resources page here.

Change in Marital Status

Pension benefits earned while you are married are considered matrimonial property and, consequently, may be subject to division upon marriage breakdown.

A division of pension benefits will typically only occur as directed by a court order or separation agreement.

The TPPC can provide you with the relevant information you need to make an informed decision regarding your benefits. However, we are unable to provide you with either legal or financial advice.

Please contact the TPPC should you require additional information related to marriage breakdown, or if your marital status has changed.

Survivor Benefits

Post-Retirement Death

Upon your death, after you’ve retired and become a pensioner, your spouse/partner or eligible dependent children (in the absence of a spouse/partner) are entitled to a survivor benefit equal to 60% of the pension.

The lifetime survivor benefit is integrated with CPP at age 65 of the deceased member. In the case of a spouse/partner, the benefit is payable for life. In the case of dependent children, the benefit is payable until the youngest child reaches age 18, or age 24 if in full-time attendance at a recognized school.

The survivor benefits are paid in the first instance to your spouse/partner.

In addition to the survivor benefit, there may be a residual death benefit payable after all eligible survivor benefits have been paid in accordance with the Plan. A member’s Designated Beneficiaries are entitled to these residual death benefits.

You can add, view or change your current beneficiaries at any time using your myPENSION account available on the menu above.

Please contact the TPPC for more detailed information about survivor benefits.